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Meet the team behind the movement for safer mining services

Our goal is to create an environment where safety is the foundation of everything we do, and where all employees are empowered to identify and mitigate risks.

Nick Phelan


Project manager/ plastics fabricator with over 14+ years of mining experience.


Strengths include extensive construction/maintenance management. 

Communication and delivering projects and to specified deadlines, attention to detail, and concise leadership of a team. 

Promoter of consistent upskilling, training, and safe working specifications. 


Nick as a person

Thrives when back is against the wall, is likely the funniest human being on the earth, has an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter movies, and is a firm believer that you don't have to get the last laugh if you spend the whole time laughing. On top of this, man loves to zip-line... do not underestimate his love for zip-lining. 

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Martin Flynn


Martie is our expert Poly Welder, however, he is also extensively skilled across Carpentry & an experienced operator. 

Martie holds over 10+ years in construction, with a rare and highly sort after developed specifity in Poly Welding. 

Martie's strengths include:

Driving teams to work well together and deliver to a deadline. 

- Attention to detail

- Impeccable craftsmanship & finishes 

- Extensive knowledge on problem solving and patience 

Martie as a person

Joshua Phelan (Sunset Guy)


Josh is our head of Metal Fabrication here at Pipe Dream Mining, and with over 17+ years in the field, his skill set is like no other when it comes to problem  solving, attention to detail, and project management. 

We asked Josh, "What does it take for someone to become a Metal Fabrication specialist?" His advice for those in the trade was, "develop a scope of technical skills and be willing to always have both your learning and experience cap on, this is how you diversify your specialty for the trade. Have a creative mind and ability to problem solve, there will always be challenges on the job that you need to have the creative mind to work around safely and efficiently. Lastly, attention to detail, always check yourself, check right down to the basics of your experience and you wont miss the important things that many often turn a blind eye to."

Josh has an extensive level of knowledge across:

- Spectrum of Metal compositions

- Technical skills & strategy 

- Creativity/problem  solving 

- Attention to detail 

Joshua as a Person

Commonly known as "The Sunset Guy", Josh will never miss an opportunity, and will climb over you to admire and capture a sunset. He has an extensive portfolio of Sunsets, so we decided to build his own Gallery here which you can view for yourself. 

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When Martie isn't on the tools he's talking about, thinking about, debating about, and replaying sports. big o'l sports guy. Ask him anything...

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We are committed to promoting a culture of safety that prioritizes the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve. Our goal is to create an environment where safety is the foundation of everything we do, and where all employees are empowered to identify and mitigate risks. 

We achieve this by providing continuous training and education, implementing rigorous safety protocols and procedures, and fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration. Through our commitment to safety, we aim to prevent accidents and injuries and to be a leader in promoting the best safety practices in our industry.

At the core of everything we do, the front-of-mind message is simple -

Work Safe, Home Safe.

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Returning workers home safe, keeping companies safe. 


Creating a culture built on accountability, open communication, and collaboration.


Continuous training and development, outsourcing only the highest skilled personnel for projects and sites.

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