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Hi Visibility on Pipe Dream Mining's Origins

How do you start a mining company from scratch, and where do you look when building momentum, a team, and a reliable stream of projects to keep that team working and returning home safely to their families?

Recently we interviewed on of the key founders and directors of Pipe Dream Mining to get a better perspective on just what it took to get started and what the future looks like for Pipe Dream Mining...

Interview with Nick Phelan:

Q1: Let's start at the beginning! What was the 'a-ha' moment that sparked the idea for Pipe Dream Mining?

Nick: When I first started poly welding before I did my plastic trade, I and one of the guys I used to work with back in 2009 laughed and joked about how funny it would be to have a plastic boat called 'Pipe Dream'. Retrospectively, in a way, that was just a pipe dream.

Q2: Was there a particular challenge you faced early on that really tested your determination to make Pipe Dream Mining a reality?

Nick: Early days we were flat broke with no idea when the next little bit of money might be coming in. I guess this would have been one of the hardest times; yet with the joy of working for ourselves, we couldn’t stop laughing and having a good time while working. Looking back, and remembering working it all in this way; I think the risk was the most exciting part!

Q3: As you navigated the early stages, what were the core values or principles that you knew would be the foundation of Pipe Dream Mining?

Nick: Safety and people. We just kept saying even to this day, "work safe, home safe."

Q4: Share with us a memorable moment that captures the essence of the company's journey from inception to where it is now.

Nick: I can’t just put it down to one thing almost every moment of every day so far has been memorable the endless laughs we all share.

Q5: It's no doubt that Pipe Dream Mining has achieved remarkable success, especially alongside its ongoing partnership with MGC Constructions. What's a pivotal decision you made along the way that you believe played a significant role in reaching this point with where the direction is headed?

Nick: I think when it comes to Matt and Neil it's the first time 3 people have joined up and all are incredibly skilled in their own right, and all have the same goal. Genuinely, and more to the point we all want to see each other win.

Q6: As a co-founder/director, you wear many hats evidently. Can you describe a typical day in your life and how you balance the various responsibilities?

Nick: My day starts and ends with controlled chaos haha

Q7: Every journey has its share of setbacks. How do you maintain your drive and optimism in the face of challenges?

Nick: We have an amazing group of friends around us not to mention the unmatched support we have from the Matter Athletica Staff and Team there too.

Q8: Pipe Dream Mining has undoubtedly gained a particular status of interest in the industry. What's a project or accomplishment you are particularly proud of, and why?

Nick: I think each day I’m super Proud of even the smallest jobs we do.

Q9: The people behind a company play a crucial role. How do you foster a positive company culture that empowers your team to excel?

Nick: We have just been taking each day at a time and enjoying the laughs along the way.

Q10: Let's lighten up the conversation! Share with us a fun fact or hobby that people might not know about you outside of day-to-day site work. You are particularly passionate about mental health, can you explore that further perhaps?

Nick: It’s something that is important to be I think it should be important to everyone

Something we should speak about every chance we get. Life is about the highs and the lows nowhere in the rules does it say we have to experience them alone. Any day that we can spend giving back to someone that needs it is a good day in my book.

Q11: To wrap up, can you give us a glimpse into the legacy you hope to leave through Pipe Dream Mining and the culture you are building in this industry?

Nick: I suppose I just have a message to sign off with

A lesson I’ve learned from all this so far.

Give yourself a mission to live a big life and step into who you are meant to be; stop playing small, because you are meant for great things. The things that excite you in life are not random they’re connected to your purpose so follow them.

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